Available Cars

Al-Esnad Company

for Importing Cars and Different Transportation Vehicles

Al-Esnad company is one of the companies in Aljahaimi Group, and it is specialized and pioneering in importing cars and various transportation vehicles in addition to their spare parts and accessories. The company is distinguished in the Libyan market with importing modern ancient German cars (Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW) with varied specifications and options, and diverse models suiting the different tastes.

Toyota Hilux 2018 4x4

The Toyota Hilux 2018 is one of the best pick-up cars produced by the company, despite the fact that the Hilux 2018 has no modifications compared to the previous model of the car, but Toyota Hilux 2018 is characterized by the diversity of its engines, which provide strong performance in addition to that they come with two types of fuel Gasoline and diesel, and the new Hilux competes strongly in its class according to its advantages, which are the multiple types and prices of the car, it is available in 16 types.